Bubbles = Freedom

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Forever Young
Bubbles remind me of a much simpler time. When I was growing up, the pace of life was much slower. The major issue that I had was to somehow keep from being bored. There never seemed to be enough to do. Sure, there were things that needed to be done, but not things that I wanted to do.

Times have definitely changed. I have access to great things to do at virtually any time that I want to do them. I don't have to wait for my favorite TV show. Any movie that I want to watch can be rented or on demand. Now, my major concern is doing things that matter. With all of these great things to do, it's easy to do things that feel good or fill a desire with no lasting benefit.

How Do I Choose?
I look at what I want to accomplish in my entire life and back up from there to the present moment. If what I'm doing gets me closer to those accomplishments, then I keep doing it. If what I'm doing moves me further away, I stop doing it. Of course, this is a very simplistic model of the world and the way I approach it. Like everyone else, there are constant demands for me to make a choice. Evaluating these choices is what make life challenging and fun.

Having a system like the Bubble Planner is essential in making these daily choices. It gives me a place to capture my thoughts, filter them, and take action. I feel such freedom since I have a tool that assists me in the moment of choice. Even though I don't always make the perfect decision, I'm at least aware that a decision is being made. Awareness, after all, is half the battle.
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