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This past weekend, my wife and I were invited to watch a friend of ours in a high school production of "My Fair Lady". We gladly accepted as we know that Caitlan is very talented in both acting and singing. We were also interested since both of us were in our high school version (we'll just say several years ago) of the same play, except we called it "Pygmalion", and our accents could be described more as "hick" than "cockney".

We were simply amazed at how many talented actors there were in this play. Also, the production itself was exceptional. There was an orchestra, the costumes were authentic, and the singing was better than what I've seen on American Idol. Somewhere in the middle of this grand production, I contemplated how important it is to determine and develop your talents.

What are you good at? It is obvious that Caitlan is gifted in performing. She commands attention when she is on stage. Additionally, she has an incredible singing voice. It is equally obvious that I'm not gifted in acting and singing. However, I am gifted in other things.

Where should you focus? I could spend years developing my non-talent of singing and become, at best, average. In any case, I would never even come close to the level that Caitlan has already attained. If she desires, she could spend years and build a career on this talent.

For me, I could spend the same years developing my organizational ability (which is a gift of mine) or my speaking ability (another gift) and build a rewarding career. This would give me the best opportunity to be the best in a field. Additionally, I would enjoy this career path. For the most part, I find that I have a passion for activities in which I excel.

What do I do now? Although there are things that we simply must do in life, most of our activities are a matter of choice. If you will choose things that line up with your strengths, you will discover a desire, a burning desire, stronger than you ever imagined.

To ensure that I'm making the best choices at any given moment, I rely on my Bubble Planner. This system enables me to capture my passions and prompts me to take action to develop my talents.

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