Millionaire Mind - Part 2 of 3

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Process of Manifestation

Please read the part 1 if you haven't already or this may not make sense. In this installment, I'll discuss the process that reveals how the results that we are currently experiencing came into being. First, I'll lay a little groundwork, no pun intended. Just know the following:

* The visible is created by the invisible.

Take a orange tree as an example. We can see the trunk, branches, and oranges on the tree; however, these are all the results of something that we cannot see. What we see are all the results of what started beneath the earth. It began with a seed, that developed roots, that eventually grew into a tree that produces oranges. So, what is seen, oranges, came from what is unseen, roots.

Where is this Heading?

To put it simply, changing the results doesn't fix anything in the long-term. To change anything permanently in our life, we must address the cause. So, here's the formula:

THOUGHTS lead to our FEELINGS which lead to our ACTIONS which determine our RESULTS


Therefore, we must determine what is forming our thoughts and change them, if we are not getting the results that we desire..

Millionaire Mind - Part 1 of 3 OR Millionaire Mind - Part 3 of 3
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