Dead No More

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Hey everyone,

This is a poem that my very creative My Space buddy King James and I wrote together. Check out his My Space at http://www.myspace.com/kingjames432.

It's about the change that occurs when you come to know Jesus. Check it out and comment.

When I was a dead man,
my thoughts were on me.
It was a selfish plan.
One I could not see.

While I thought I was free,
there was a constant need
to satisfy the beast.

At first, there was no cost.
Then, I needed more
because the pleasure was lost.

And so I did worse things
Putting me deeper in the hole
the wages of sin are death
yet I was bargaining with my soul

Not listening to reason
guilty of treason
Hard on the outside..
But inside I was bleeding


My void to be filled
It was as if my joy had been killed
The fate of the once innocent little boy had been sealed

Now, I'm not a Dead Man,
I'm alive in Christ
I reside at God's Right Hand
Because of his sacrifice

It feels so great to be free
He meets all of my needs
Now, my joy is complete

My cup overflowing
Filled with the knowing
My Faith is growing
His blessings are showing

Dead no more
He settled the score

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