The Liar's Creed

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My best bud King James (http://www.myspace.com/kingjames432) and I have written our THIRD piece together. He's an awesome writer, so you should definitely check out his My Space.

Imagine being a LIE....

The Liar's Creed

I roll past your lips like water

There's no stopping me

The Prince of Darkness is my father

He released me with glee

Now I am here

Seeking itching ears

Spreading my fears

Shedding no tears

I want to be used

Don't mind being abused

As long as my venom is spewed

Hear me out

I'll fill you with hate

Give me your mouth

I'll make you feel great

My untruths will break thee

Shake thee

Overtake thee

Do it NOW and bypass my late fee

In truth, there's no safety

So do you want to live safely?

Or do fun stuff and have good times

I'll give you good lines

To fool your friends

Again and again and again

It's not really such a bad sin

Especially small lies... I call them white

Just do what you might

Everyone lies... right?

My playground is man

My boundary is God

To use me is sin

Not just against men

You want a way out

But I keep getting bigger

To cover me up

Just gives me more vigor

If you want the key

To my demise

Confess me to God

The light I despise

It means life to you

And death to me

Now I am in bondage

While you are free

So watch for the trickery....

I have many up the sleeve

I fooled the perfect people!!

The couple named Adam and Eve

They wouldn't last

I knew it from the start

I even helped tear apart

The Man after God's own heart...

Yeah David!!!

The Giant killer, Mr. Mighty with just one stone

And I'll bet all you I have...

On your lips TODAY I'll find a home...

Just watch!

John 8:44

That's at real as it gets folks...

I guess we all still lie now and again...whether white lies... telling partial truths... or just being blatant. Some more than others. One of my friends was just talking to me about how I won't commit to certain things. I usually say ''I'll try'' or "I'll see." I say that b/c I don't want to be a liar and say I'll do something and not do it. Plus I will have let someone down.. and that's not such a great feeling. I do commit to many things though.

What do you feel about lying? When the last time you lied? What's the biggest lie? I really want to know some of the lies people have been caught in. What did you learn.. if anything? (not to get caught?) Keep it real.

Oh, how was the poem? :-)

Thanks KJ
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