Are You Feeding Your Spirit or Your Flesh?

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Zig Ziglar tells a story about a man who liked enter dogfights every Friday night. He owns two dogs - a black dog and a white dog. He would bring these dogs to a makeshift arena where people would bet on which dog would win. A man who frequented these events noticed that the man who owned the dogs always bet on the dog that won.

So, one night after another successful wager, he pulled the man aside and said to him, "Now I've seen you here for several months and noticed that you always pick the winner. Sometimes, it's the black one and other times it's the white one. How do you always know which one is going to win?"

"Well, sir," he said. "It's simple really, I always bet on the dog that I've been feeding all week."

This story prompts the question, "which dog are you feeding?" If you are feeding your flesh, then your flesh will have control. If you are feeding your spirit, then your your spirit will be in charge.
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