Self-Discipline is a Trigger Not a Long-Term Solution

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Diet pills work or they wouldn't sell so many of them. However, if you don't change your eating habits or level of activity, you will gain the weight back or even more after you stop taking the pills. Even if you keep taking them, they will eventually lose their effectiveness. This is the same with self-discipline.

Humans have an amazing ability to impose our will on our behaviors. This is what we call self-discipline. We can choose to respond instead of react. However, our will has it's limitations unless it is combined with other factors. For the most part, anyone can focus on changing their behavior for a short period of time. This is a conscious decision to do something differently. However, because a pattern has developed for the old behavior, the subconscious will eventually take over.

Why Can't We Sustain Self-Discipline?
Our conscious mind is only capable of handling a handful of thoughts at the same time. This is a good thing. This prevents us from constantly being distracted by irrelevant or trivial matters, which allows us to get things done. On the flip side, this means that most of our behaviors are determined by our habits. Some people say that at least 90% of what we do is habitual. Therefore, to maintain focus on one thing consistently just by using our will is a tremendous feat. When your environment changes, it is likely that your thoughts change as well. Also, the pressure from your ingrained behavior is constant further putting pressure on maintaining a consistent thought.

How Do You Overcome This Limitation?
There are many ways to ensure your new behavior becomes a habit, thus, replacing the old behavior. First, you must have a burning desire to make the change. Desire is a fuel for your subconscious mind. Since desire creates an emotional response, your subconscious mind considers the thoughts that create that desire to be important. This makes the thought more available to the conscious mind.

Second, you must write it down. Writing things down connects your thoughts to the physical realm. This makes your desires real. Any physical action connected to your thoughts releases your belief or solidifies your commitment to that desire. Writing, therefore, acts as confirmation for your faith.
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