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I know you know this, but I'll say it anyway - David Allen is one cool dude! I signed up for a Webinar hosted by Mindjet and WebEx the other day that featured David Allen's take on Mindjet. I must tell you that I was a fan of his before the web meeting but was mesmerized halfway through his presentation.

He simply has a way of clarifying what Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity is all about. Here's what I heard him say and witnessed on his on-screen Mind Map:

Key Components of Self Management: Control and Perspective

Models of Getting Things Done

  • Workflow (Collect, Process, Organize, Review, Do)
  • Natural Planning (Purpose, Mission/Vision, Brainstorming, Organizing, Next Actions)
  • Horizons of Focus (50K - Purpose and Core Values, 40K - Vision, 30K - Goals and Objectives, 20K - Areas of Responsibility, 10K - Projects, Runway - Next Actions)

To have the proper perspective, you must have control first.

One of the coolest phrases I've heard - He said that a couple of Psychologists attended one of his seminars and said that what he was doing had a scientific name - Distributed Cognition. He replied, "you mean writing things down?"

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