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Now that internet advertising is a real player in the advertising world (Megaglobe - New International Search Engine), the focus has quickly moved to making sure that the money is spent wisely. Since the predominate method of advertising on the internet is pay per click on search engines, it only makes sense that the search engine that can eliminate click fraud will have the advantage. Megaglobe is solving the problem of click fraud. Megaglobe Technology detects and eradicates click fraud.

As a small business owner, I definitely appreciate their efforts in solving this problem. I want to know that my advertising dollars are being spent on actual potential customers, and not some scam artist.

Megaglobe is also a reminder that it's the World Wide Web and not just the Web of America. If you have a site that you want to add, just click on the link above to register your sit. Megaglobe is a new international search engine coming up soon. It will be available in 45 languages and will represent the whole world. This will give you a common search engine regardless of the language that you speak. Megaglobe - New International Search Engine Ads (sponsor listings) will be available worldwide in 50 currencies.

This will give my small business the ability to become a large, global business. Now, more than ever, it's easier to reach customers regardless of where they live and Megaglobe will bring them even one step closer to your products.
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