Which Bird Are You?

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As I mentioned in a previous post, each person has a dominant personality as well as a secondary personality. Hippocrates is credited for coming up with the initial four groups around 400 B.C. He called them humours. Aristotle not quite 100 years later called them the four sources of happiness. Galen called them the four temperaments. They all named them different things.

Thus, the concept has been around for quite some time. I'm not sure who is credited with calling them birds, but I like it so that's what I'll use (along with Galen's temperament names). For a nice detailed account of each visit the Four Humours.

Eagle (or Choleric) - Extrovert: This is a person with great vision. A dominant leader focused on bottom line results. Many CEOs have this temperament. They are driven by the "What" aspect of life.

Owl (or Melancholic) - Introvert: These are the problem solvers focused on results. They are driven by the "Why" aspect of life. Many CPAs and Engineers have this temperament.

Dove (or Phlegmatic) - Introvert: Doves are relationship driven. They are diplomatic, security-minded, and softhearted. They are often creative. They are focused on the "How" aspect of life.

Peacock (or Sanguine) - Extrovert: This is the life of the party personality. A spontaneous, people person with incredible creativity. Most salespeople and entertainers have this temperament. They enjoy the "Who" aspect of life.

So, which bird are you? Do you know any eagles, owls, doves, or peacocks? In the next installment, we'll consider the best way to work with each personality.
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