How to Learn from Your Reflection

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Did you realize that your physical world is a reflection of your mental world? Whoever you are on the inside is manifested on the outside. This knowledge is incredibly helpful in designing the "reality" that you want.

Attitudes and Relationships. How do people respond to you when you say hello? People will reflect or mirror the attitude that you are giving off. When you are not receiving the right response from your friends and those around you, take a look at yourself to find out how to improve these relationships. It truly starts with you. Consciously respond to others in the way that you want them to respond to you, then, over time, it will become automatic.

Wealth. Another area that is a reflection of who you are on the inside is where you are financially. If you are not where you want to be materially, you need to change the picture of who you are in your mind. Your mind (conscious and subconscious) will work night and day to manifest the image that you have of yourself on the inside. Shaping the inner image of yourself may take some effort, but you can do it. Whenever you find yourself doing something in the physical world that is at odds with where you want to be financially, you have uncovered a clue of the image you have. For example, if you are buying a lottery ticket, your inner image reveals that you believe that success comes by luck.

Change Exercises. Try these activities to improve your reflection.

1. Guard what comes into your mind. Once you have control on what comes into your mind, you begin to gain control on what is manifested. Over time, guarding your mind will change your thoughts, beliefs, speech, and action.
2. Consciously decide to look for things that are positive and in alignment with your goals and dreams. If you want more in life, surround yourself with images of the best things that life has to offer.
3. Visualize yourself having, being, and doing what you want. Engineer in your mind the perfect picture of success.
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