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How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself through your own eyes or through the opinions of others? One of the most destructive habits that you can have is to measure yourself against the expectation of others. If you do this, you will ride a roller coaster that will cause undue stress in your life. When people think you are the best thing in the world, you will experience a feeling of euphoria; however, that feeling will be dependent upon their views, which are out of your control.

To establish a firm foundation, it's important for you to establish your own image of yourself. Your image may be dependent upon values and qualities that you see in others, but they shouldn't be the ruler by which you measure yourself. The opinions of other people change frequently and are formed on a variety of variables, which are colored by a myriad of biases. Given this shifting basis, the only opinion that should matter to you is your own values, your own integrity.

An example of someone who lived by their own values is Mahatma Gandhi. This is a man that changed the world so much so that in India, he is considered the Father of the Nation. it may surprise you that such a powerful man died owning only a pair of glasses, a pair of sandals, a few clothes, a spinning wheel, and a book. Yet, it can be reasonably argued that he lived one of the richest lives ever.

It's certainly not wrong to pursue material riches; however, true riches are fulfilling your life's purpose. Look within yourself and discover what you were meant to become. Like a caterpillar can become nothing other than a butterfly, you should seek to transform your outer self and environment to the inner image of who you truly are.

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