Look Back to Move Forward

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This may sound a little contradictory, but did you realize that it is necessary to look at your past before you can create your future? While you are not to be controlled by your past, it is essential that you learn from it.

It's been said that if you don't know history, that you will repeat it. This is great if you like your history and where you've been; however, if you don't like your past, then, you will need to change what you did.

Take Inventory
How do you learn from your past? The first step is to study it. In simplest terms, you want to find out what worked for you and what didn't. So, you need to make two lists. The first list is all of your successes. Don't filter yourself during this step. No matter how trivial the success may seem, write it on the list. Once you have recorded as many as come to mind, then write beside it some key drivers for these successes. Some examples may be perseverance, creativity, hard work, etc.

Now, make a second list of your failures. Go through the same exercise that you did with your successes. The causes for your failures may be something like not prepared, fearful, insecure, gave up, etc. The important thing for both of these lists is to be as objective as possible. You want to understand your root tendencies for both success and failure. Once you understand the patterns, then, you can take steps to minimize your weaknesses and maximize your strengths.
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