Three Steps to Smarter Goals

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In the Big Bubble Organizer Planner Template, the Radar section is a big picture view of your life. It is critical to start from this perspective as it answers the question, “what do you want to be, do, and have?”

Step One: Write down goal setting ideas in the major categories of your life.
What are your major life categories? There is a great acronym that captures these. It's called the FISHES:
  • Family
  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Health
  • Economic
  • Spiritual. 
Use these as goal setting categories. The best way to clarify what you want is to spend time brainstorming what you want to be, do, and have in a focused direction. The FISHES goal categories is great method to provide that direction.

When you are setting goals, it's okay to dream. Also, when brainstorming, you should write down everything without filtering. Whether the goals are achievable or not will be determined in a later step.

Step Two: Complete a goal setting worksheet page for the most important goals.
Goal Setting Template Graphic
Goal Worksheet from Big Bubble Planner
After writing down all of your goals, select the most important goal from each category and complete a Future Reality (see the Big Bubble Organizer Planner Template) page. This page clarifies your goals. The clearer the goal, the faster the manifestation. Here are the parts to the page:

  • What: Be as specific and detailed as possible. What is the end result? Add details, texture, sound, smells, feelings, or anything else that will bring the goal to life.
  • Start and Due Dates: Even if you change it later, setting a date is essential for creating a future reality.
  • Why: Each goal must have a reason. The best reasons extend beyond ourselves. For example, if you set a goal to lose weight, a reason may be to improve your health so that you will be there for your children and your children’s children.
  • Why Not: What are the barriers to achieving your goals? Often the reason that you don’t achieve your goals is fear. FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. If you give the fear a name, then you are in a position to address it.
  • SMART?: SMART is a checklist to determine if your goal is a good goal. To be an achievable goal that moves you closer to what you want to be, do, and have, your goals should be:
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Action Oriented
    • Realistic
    • Time Constrained
Step Three: Take action every day.
It's quite an accomplishment to even think about and write down what you want in the form of goals. In fact, 97% of the entire population doesn't even do that. Now, to ensure your goals become a reality, it is necessary to take action on your goals every day. Even if that action is just looking at your goal and imagining what it would be like to achieve it.

We have Organizers Planners designed with smart goal setting built into the design.
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