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Learn the 4-Step process to Manifesting Your Dreams...

Learn multiple ways to effortlessly double, triple, or even quadruple (or more) your productivity…and with no complicated gadgets or expensive training required.

You have within you right now the power to create startling and powerful change, thereby, experiencing success like you never thought possible. However, a lack of knowledge and effective tools will hold you back from realizing your potential.

The tools and strategies you’ll discover in the Daily Life Manager: Adding Action to the Law of Attraction will help build unstoppable momentum toward the life you desire and deserve. You will learn the amazing power of Ask and It Is Given and the role of Love in the Law of Attraction. You will also learn the ingredient most people miss in making the Law of Attraction work in a practical way.

If you are committed to working toward attaining the life of your dreams, one that combines creativity, achievement, and purpose into one powerful force, you can trust that this book will provide the tools necessary to help get you there.

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Or buy the Kindle version on Amazon here: Daily Life Manager: Adding Action to the Law of Attraction

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