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The Bubble List

Procrastination Meet Your Match!

The Bubble Task Management Form pummels procrastination through the Power of Bubble Maps by tapping into your brain's right hemisphere, which is the creative part, and it retains all of the benefits of lists. The Bubble List will create the motivation and vision that you need to take ACTION. Quite simply, you will Unleash Your Potential.

This list combines right-brain and left-brain into a powerful productivity tool. (pdf download - single user license)...

Format: PDF Download

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Daily Spending Tracking Form

Where Is Your Money Going?

This idea was inspired by David Bach's bestseller, The Automatic Millionaire to help you keep track of your daily expenses with a weekly total so that you can find your own personal Latte Factor (this is a trademark of David Bach).

Format: PDF Download

See folding instructions at http://www.pocketmod.com/.

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Weekly Planner Template

Be More Productive with a Weekly Printable Planner Template

The Weekly Planner Template helps you organize everything on paper that needs to be done in the upcoming week. It also is flexible enough to use as a workflow tool to keep your week on track. This is a simple one page form that is easy to use and helps you stay in control the entire week.

Calendar: The top section is a calendar where you map out your hard landscape. Anything that needs to be done at a certain time is placed in the appropriate time slot. Don't forget to make appointments with yourself for exercise, project completion, or even meditation.

Goals/Projects - Define Next Actions: The bottom section is the big rocks in your life. Keep your vision before your eyes by identifying what you want to Be, Do, and Have and break them down into what you need to do. Identify the next physical action that needs to be done to move something forward. If you are using GTD, you may have lists like Calls, @Computer, @Office, @Home, or others. You may also use this section to write your daily "To Do's".

Format: PDF Download

Weekly Printable Planner Template Keeps You on Track

Remember, "if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail". This tool practically ensures your success.

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Shopping List Form

Don't Forget Your Shopping List or Coupons!

Have you ever been in the grocery store and knew that you forgetting something? This Shopping List Form is the ideal solution to ensure that you remember what you need from the grocery store.

When you go to the food store empty handed, you end up buying a bunch of high calorie snacks that you don't need and spending way too much for them. Now, you can capture your menu ideas right in the kitchen (where you normally think of them) and take them with you. The design is simple, yet effective.

Format: PDF Download (print and fold in half)

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Daily Task Management Form

The Visual Approach to Daily Task Management...

Engage Your Right Brain. Inspired by GTD, this Daily Task Management Form will help you organize your next actions into four simple contexts quickly and easily. Unlike a traditional to-do list, the Bubble Map design will prompt you to take action.

Our exclusive CHOP filtering method will help you Discover what's really important.

CHOP your tasks down to size.
  • Computer Actions
  • Home Actions
  • Office Actions
  • Phone Calls
Getting to Done has never been easier.

Format: PDF Download (print and fold in half)

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