Bubbles for Busy Women

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You Can Form New Habits with This Daily Planner Organizer for Women...

Discover how to gain control of your life and your schedule with this powerful daily organizer for women that engages your full potential thrusting you toward who you were meant to be.

  • Discover your inherent worth, regardless of what others may say or do to make you doubt it.
  • Express and own your sense of validity
  • Bring yourself under control and pass this knowledge forward to those who are important to you
  • It's time to find encouragement for yourself and experience a greater quality of life.

This Daily Organizer for Women Taps into Your Hidden Potential

This unique 162-page planner offers tools for both your right and left brains. The "bubble map" pages allow you to release your creativity and regain control of your future using mind-mapping (laying out your thoughts and intentions visually) in a truly intuitive way. These methods are then combined with the best time management techniques for organizing projects, long-term goals, calendar, and daily to-do's. Designed specifically for the busy woman.

The Book Patch Coil bound version is 5.5 x 8.5.
Amazon paperback is 6 x 9.

I am in love with this planner, and happy that I will no longer have to write a million sticky notes and post everywhere!
- Kimberly, Mom Blogger

With the Daily Planner Organizer for Women, it's okay to dream again.

Buy today at this great, low price!

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