Productivity on Purpose

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The 5 Step Personal Productivity System...

In today's world, life comes at you faster than ever. In the Daily Life Manager Series: Productivity on Purpose, Bubble Planner founder Bill Tyler shares the breakthrough techniques for stress-free, sustainable productivity. The Productivity System detailed in this book will work for you regardless of where you are starting your journey. You can learn to achieve effective productivity and unleash your creative potential.

In Productivity on Purpose, Tyler shows you how to:
  • Establish your baseline
  • Develop the right mindset
  • Say "No" when you need to and "Yes" when you want to
  • Compel yourself to action
  • Make productivity automatic
You will learn how to be effective in changing situations. Leave the feeling of being overwhelmed behind and feel the sweet peace that you have it all under control.

Start your journey today!

Buy the Kindle version on Amazon here: Daily Life Manager Series: Productivity on Purpose
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